Why Choose US?

At Deland Express SEO Marketing, we believe in affordable SEO services, that get results each month. We dont believe in contracts – in fact, we despise contracts. We love proving ourselves every month with our Search Engine Optimization strategies and we love to show you Higher Google Rank!
Our SEO analysis of your site shows you exactly what you need to improve your website. Our Search Engine Optimization team puts together a detailed Search Engine Optimization Analysis of your website and this report is shared with you. Once it is approved, our SEO services team can even implement the changes for you! We also guarantee our work and we work to increase your rankings by a significant amount across your keywords over the first month.

We always provide our potential SEO services clients a full Search Engine Optimization Analysis of their website so we can analyze the current situation and make recommendations. Our Search Engine Optimization Analysis is extremely detailed and we examine both the On Page and Off Page optimization used by your site. We love analyzing websites and we love to point out SEO flaws in a website and suggest improvements.

We are in an ever-changing environment with Google, and with the latest Penguin update from Google, we are seeing more and more websites being penalized. Google publishes roughly 500 plus algorithm changes for SEO every year and it is extremely important to stay ahead of your competition and to understand the exact implications of every change. The most significant change in recent months is the Penguin update in April where Google started penalizing websites for “Over-Optimization”. We take the time to understand and test or SEO service strategies against each update to make sure your sites continue to perform.

We cover all the bases when it comes to Search Engine Optimizing our Clients websites. We don’t just scratch the surface, we hit all the different area of SEO that need to be done. These areas include keywords, page optimization, website analysis, ranking report, competition analysis, keyword research reports, title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, alt tag optimization, anchor tag optimization, header tag optimization, content optimization, video promoting, navigation optimization, image optimization, Imran MD Ali Academy and much more!

What we can offer you, please call us for full SEO Services.