Wear Golf Caps in summer to avoid sun shining, and in winter to keep warm and pretty.

Unconsciously, people can wear Caps from spring to winter. The most fresh Cap style in this season is the improved cowboy Caps which are made of soft cotton.

The Kangol Golf Caps have more than 10 colors, and Caps with mesh cloth, plastic , streak , leather lines , dendritic abstract design are quiet popular in this season.  

Golf Caps with repetitiveness poor handwriting totem with numerous little kangaroos or numbers are more and more popular.

The most special is the detail of sown lily on the head of the Cap. It is pretty even men wear it.

504 classical Kangol peaked caps are improved from the berets from the army in 1954. on the 50th anniversary, Kangol issued Cap Bag with a limited number. Its inside is made of logo silk with the color of black , white , pink, baby blue, and army green.

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