A Cap of bright color brings the feeling of being spirited

It is better to choose cold color than warm color, so colors like black, coffee are better than light green, lemon yellow, light pink, and light blue. It is better to choose colors which belong to the same group.

Material: nothing can not be used to make Caps. In the eyes of a designer, a piece of silk cloth, even a flower can be used. As the development of the present technology, more and more material are used.

Style: who can identify how many styles Caps have. Nobody. On the stage, everything on the head of a model can be called Caps. They are beautiful but not practical. The following several kinds of Caps are both beautiful and practical.

Big eave caps: this is the Cap which displays girls’ mildness. Its material is usually thick cotton. If your hair is wavy, then a big eave cap is the most suitable.

Beret: it is simple as many countries use it in the army.

Peaked cap: just as the ads sentence: young, nothing is impossible. Who say it is men’s patent? It does not need to be pure colored. Mixing grey with yellow will make you more attractive.

Fisherman cap: it is the necessity for every modern girl. Many girls wear it while travelling. It has pictures inside and outside, so it can be worn both sides out.

Actually, if you are deft headed, you can make a Cap yourself. Some people stable pretty buttons on the Cap. People have small heads are suitable to wear any kinds of Caps. Big headed people should not wear tight Caps, or else it will make heads appear bigger.

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